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Welcome to ACG

Archimedes Capital Group and its subsidiaries (collectively "ACG") are headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA. We have a branch office in Greater New York vicinity. Our business practices range from equity investments to advising for complex financial transactions and providing business solutions.

ACG makes investments in early stage companies domestically and internationally; We advise companies in raising capital and debt; ACG have advised complex financial transactions for over $1.1 Billion assets for institutional clients. we also provide top-tier consulting services for business development in complex financial, operational and technology growth opportunities.

The key to our success is a seasoned and high caliber team. Our team members have extensive experience and diverse backgrounds ranging from risk pricing and management to operations, from financial transactions to statistical modeling, from Fortune 200 corporation business management to start-up entrepreneurship. Whether it is an investment transaction or developing a business solution, our highly analytical and quantitative associates drive results with an impressive level of vigor and precision.

Performance is what we believe in and what we deliver.




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