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Asset Management

ACG through its subsidiary Archimedes Management Consulting ("AMC") provides asset management and portfolio administration services to institutional clients and have managed over half a billion dollars in financial assets.

We are efficient and competent in managing asset classes throughout the consumer finance sector. Our quantitative analysis, risk modeling and assessment, asset pricing and portfolio valuation are best-in-class as demonstrated by our experiences within the consumer asset class spectrum. Our team has experience and expertise across most credit products including credit card, auto loan, installment loan, student loan, personal loan and credit recovery services.

Our asset management team successfully fuses experience, knowledge and expertise in originating and managing assets with sophisticated and efficient infrastructures. Our strong performance in risk management and problem solving of operational issues on top of diligent management of routine tasks such as cash settlement, accounting, reporting and reconciliation is what differentiates our services from competitors. A well built infrastructure helps asset owners administer portfolios and maximize asset performance.

When we manage assets or administer portfolios for your organization, you will gain access to intellectual capital, risk analytics and investment platforms used to support our own asset management business. By combining sophisticated risk analytics and technical platforms with excellent process management expertise, we help clients address and overcome a variety of business and operational challenges. You can be assured that you are in good hands.




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